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Product Details

The pan is tin lined and made from 1.6 mm copper
- Brass Handle -
The customer requested:
We are a culinary supplies company in Singapore
distributing kitchenware to hotels, restaurants and
culinary schools. At present, we have an urgent
inquiry for 6pcs of 6.5 cm diameter copper pots
for baking mini soufflé (as an amuse boche or pre
appetiser) for an international culinary
competition. We have almost exhausted all
possible sources of copper wares and are unable
to find a single one with this dimension.
Thankfully we chanced upon your website and
would be deeply grateful if you would be able to
give us your quote for this size.
Of course we made the pans.

Other customers:
Sofitel Hotel Melbourne,
Country Club Casino Launceston
numerous private buyers.
Volume 0.1 ltr
Souffle Pan
90mm, 3.5"
50mm, 2"
Wrought Iron



TNA = Temporarily Not Available due to material shortage