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Cookware Care

Tin lining of copper cookware.

It's widely believed that copper interacts with acidic foods (lemon, tomato, wine etc.) and can leach minute amounts of copper into your cooking.

To prevent this, copper is usually lined with tin. Tin is a very soft metal and must be treated carefully. We apply a heavy layer of tin by hand leaving characteristic “wipe marks and unevenness”. These marks do not effect the workings of the pan.

Here are some tips in how to clean and care for your copper cookware.

  • Use a mild detergent, water and sponge to clean.
  • Soak cooked-on food overnight.
  • Use circular rotating motion when cleaning inside the copper pot.
  • Keep rubbing gently until the pot is clean.
  • Always use a low flame. (Copper and tin are very good conductors of heat.)
  • Never heat an empty pan.
  • Use only wood or plastic utensils.
  • Never use metal or abrasive utensils.
  • Tin darkens naturally upon exposure to heat and certain foods, but this coloring is completely harmless and should not be removed.
    (When the copper does begin to show through, it's time to retin.)
  • Your copper cookware should be kept clean and gleaming on the outside. Dark and discolored splotches absorb more heat than the gleaming surface area, which causes hot spots and uneven cooking. There are many good copper cleaners on the market.
    (We recommend Amway Metal Cleaner, Braso or Never Dull)
  • If you follow these simple tips, we are sure, you will enjoy your copper cookware for a long time.

Happy cooking.