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Product Details

Saucepan with lid

Body of pan:
The pan is made from high conductive copper and
has the optimum thickness: 1.6 mm that allows for a
very fast, even and efficient heat distribution.
The lid is made from 1.2 mm copper with a wrought iron
Interior Lining:
The tin lining to the pan and lid is applied by hand in the
traditional way.
The lining enhances heat conductivity and is non-
reactive to food.
The characteristic unevenness, wipe marks and shrink
marks do not effect the workings of the pan.
The hand forged ergonomically shaped wrought iron
handle is attached to the copper pan with 3mm counter
sunk copper rivets which are flush with the interior
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Product Details:

Ref No Width Volume Price Cart
SPL150 150mm, 5.9" 1.2ltr, $168.00
SPL175 175mm, 6.9" 2ltr, $208.00
SPL200 200mm, 7.9" 2.8ltr, TNA

TNA = Temporarily Not Available due to material shortage