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Our range of Fry Pans, Souffle Pans, Tarte Tatin and Gratin Pans, will enhance your culinary efforts.

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All our pans and lids are spun by hand in Australia

Body of pan:
The pans are made from high conductive copper and have the optimum thickness:
Fry and Crepe Pan, Saucepan, Saute and Casserole 1.6mm copper with a tin lining.
Modern cooking appliances provide a very even and consistent heat. The thickness of our copper cookware allows for a very fast, even and efficient heat distribution.
The spinning process creates a very hard and durable product. All pots and pans have a drip free edge.
Interior Lining:
The tin lining is the most vulnerable part of the copper cookware as the lining will wear over time. It is reasonable to assume, that the thicker the lining the longer it will last. We therefore apply a very heavy tin lining, especially on the saucepans, by hand in the traditional way.
The lining enhances heat conductivity and is non-reactive to food.
The characteristic unevenness, wipe marks and shrink marks do not effect the workings of the pan.
Hand forged wrought iron handles are attached to the copper pan with 3mm counter sunk copper rivets which are flush with the interior surface.
Size - volume:
As our copper cookware is handcrafted size and volume will vary slightly.